SmartEmailer by i2x®

Send documents, invoices, credit memos, field tickets and more with 1-click using SmartEmailer

Emailing accounting documents just got easier! SmartEmailer by i2x is the easiest, most flexible way to email documents, allowing you to email invoices, credits, statements and tickets, along with their attachments, all with 1-Click™.

How it Works

  1. Select the document(s) to email (accounts receivable invoices, credit memos, field/delivery tickets, statements, etc.)
  2. Select recipients
  3. SmartEmailer creates PDFs of the selected documents as needed and automatically finds and includes any other necessary attachments
  4. Click send and all documents and attachments are sent with 1-Click™

Features & Benefits

  • Send one or a batch of documents easily and quickly
  • Create different email and document templates for customers who want their emails to contain specific details or be in a certain format
  • See when emails were sent
  • Collect faster and reduce DSO by:
    • Getting ticket approval faster
    • Sending invoices faster with the information the customer wants
    • Sending statements faster
  • i2x also uploads documents to customer portals when required. 1-Click™ sends emails and uploads to customer portals, making A/R simple again!
  • Connects seamlessly with 80+ accounting systems/ERPs

Combining SmartEmailer with i2x’s portal upload capabilities makes submitting documents to all your customers the easiest and fastest it has ever been. Yes, faster than regular mail. Let i2x help you Submit Faster, Submit Smarter and Collect Faster.

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