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i2x® Supplier Submittal Solution

Easy, fast, secure electronic invoice submission and processing for both operators and suppliers.

Using i2x, vendors can upload invoices and field tickets from their accounting/ERP system and securely transmit them directly to the customer portal.

  • Send accounting documents and attachments, including invoices, credit memos, purchase orders, and field tickets, with 1-Click
  • Replace manual, redundant data entry with an electronic process
  • Connect seamlessly with 80+ accounting/ERP and field ticket systems
  • Reduce overhead and staffing costs
  • Eliminate data-entry errors and inconsistencies for faster approvals
  • Save time and money by replacing manual, double entry with a secure, automated process
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing information they need to quickly approve your invoices, credits and tickets
  • Accelerate field ticket approval to shorten accounts receivable cycle and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Create customer specific attachments from your invoice, credit or ticket data
  • Easily send documents to customer portals or via email with SmartEmailer
  • Get started quickly with easy interface and included training and support

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"Using i2x we are able send out hundreds of invoices to different portals in just minutes. This has cut our time for submissions in half to allow us to do other work as well throughout the day. Our turn-around time for payment has significantly decreased which as a whole has helped the entire company. I would highly recommend this program for any company that wants to better their business."

Mendi F. WB Supply

"I just submitted my first invoices and it was a DREAM! It was so simple to submit them, i2x is so awesome."

Tina F. Flowback Solutions Operating, LLC

"With the volume of work we do and the number of customers we have, if we did not have i2x it would take triple the amount of time to submit invoices. We can easily track our invoices from beginning to end."

Pam H. ROC Service Company

"Daryl’s Electric has been using NextGen/i2x since 2006. We are completely satisfied and have been impressed since the beginning. The customer service is top notch and they all are always ready and willing to help. The integration process saves us so much time and is very affordable. I feel that this is one of the best investments our company has ever made and would recommend it to anyone."

Mary S. Daryl’s Electric

"i2x simplified our billing process, cutting it from 2 people over 2 days to only taking 1 person 2 hours to complete."

Brandon K., Controller Service Compression, LLC
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